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Brick & Stone Siding

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From Plant City Stucco, you can expect top-notch siding options that are durable and attractive. Our brick and stone siding applications offer a variety of textures and colors that will suit your home's decor perfectly.

Don't feel like you have to settle for something you don't feel complements your home's exterior. Contact us today to discuss your wants and needs and we'll come out and give you a free estimate.


Brick is a classic exterior siding material that has been popular for centuries. It's a sturdy option that can last for many years without fading or cracking, and it comes in numerous colors and textures to suit any home's style.

Stone veneer

Stone exteriors are becoming more and more popular because they're both durable and stylish. If you want something with character, stone is the right choice – it has a natural look that won't be out of place on any home. Select from several different types of stone to find the one that best suits your needs. Our stone veneer product line is perfect for adding interest to your home's facade without having to commit to a full brick or stone installation.


Cobblestone is another popular exterior siding material. It has a rustic, artisanal look that can add character and warmth to any home. Our cobblestone products are made from high-quality materials and they're Guaranteed not to crack or shatter!

Field stone

Field stone is a unique type of exterior siding that's made from large, irregular pieces of stone. It has a natural look and texture that can add character and beauty to any home. A mosaic of uneven-shaped and textured stones with somewhat rounded edges fits magically together like a giant puzzle, forming the field stone siding profile. It mimics the look of rustic, hand-crafted homes made out of whatever stones were available.


True stack or dry stack is a term used to describe this sort of stone profile (also known as cut stone layers). Each layer appears to have been meticulously calibrated by hand, stacked horizontally and with each stone varying in width and height. Despite its rural inspiration, this style of siding profile is becoming more common on contemporary and modernist constructions.

Don't hesitate when it comes time for exterior renovations; call on Plant City Stucco for all of your siding needs!

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