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New stucco installation in Plant City

At Plant City Stucco, we understand how important it is for our customers to select a reliable contractor when taking on a new project. With a large selection of products available on the market, having access to knowledgeable people is key to ensuring your project is not only completed correctly, but that the most appropriate materials are selected.

While our primary focus is stucco, we have a wealth of experience across multiple finish types and all of our techs undergo a rigorous training process to make sure they are confident installing each one at a level that meets our standards. 

Common issues with older or deteriorated stucco

Central Florida's sub-tropical climate can be very harsh on building materials, with summer temperatures reaching the mid 90s, extremely high humidity and high rainfall levels. In the winter months, the conditions change to very hot and dry, which can cause damage to materials and structures such that much bigger and very expensive issues can occur down the road.​

As such, exterior finishes need to be made from the appropriate materials applied correctly. Plant City Stucco uses only the best stucco, plaster, EIFS and other materials to make sure every project turns out exactly how both we and the customer had anticipated. It is our #1 goal to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied with the finished product and that it is able to withstand the Florida weather over time. Indicators of older or deteriorated stucco can include:

Water damaged stucco

Signs of water damage

After a heavy downfall, properly applied stucco should be allow moisture to drain out entirely. Any signs of moisture that persist once the wet weather has dried out could point to stucco drainage issues, which can lead to more severe issues such as mold and even structural problems.

Stucco with cracking


Cracks in stucco look ugly and can be extremely difficult to fix. Cracking can result from multiple issues such as impact damage, smaller cracks exacerbated by rain or moisture, wind damage, etc. and should be addressed quickly to avoid more substantial problems down the line.

Stucco extending below grade

Over-extending below ground level

Usually the result of poor installation, stucco that extends below grade can also be brought on by storm water retention. Any moisture trapped inside 'underground' stucco has no way to escape and the material will also take in water from the ground, resulting in bigger, long-term issues.​

Repair vs Remediation

When faced with stucco problems, many home or business owners often look for the fastest and least expensive solution when looking for repairs. Budget is usually the biggest factor driving the customer's ultimate decision, and many prefer to opt for the quick fix rather than investing in long-term remediation.

Now, it is important to note that there is a difference between the terms "repair" and "remediation".

Stucco repair ​essentially focuses on a localized area of damage (such as cracking, as mentioned above), with the aim being to apply a caulk or other similar product to the damaged area and follow that with a spot repaint. However, this is not advised as a long-term solution as it does not address the underlying issue, and the spot repaint is often visible even after the paint dries. 

Stucco remediation is a far more in-depth process which typically involves removing the entire stucco surface from corner to corner, addressing the underlying issue and then recoating the entire surface as if it were a new stucco application. This solution is more expensive, but it provides a far more  durable result and will even help maintain the value of your home or business better than if you were to simply spot fix and repaint.

If you have damage to your stucco or other exterior finish or surface, contact us today at (813) 590-7201 for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION QUOTE and get it taken care of with a quality, long-lasting solution from Plant City Stucco!

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