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Hey there neighbor! Plant City Stucco is your friendly local

stucco contractor in Plant City, FL serving Plant City itself and the surrounding areas in Hillsborough County, including Hopewell Gardens, Knights, Winston, Lakeland, Seffner, Mango, Brandon, Riverview and Tampa itself.

Hey there neighbor! Plant City Stucco is your friendly local stucco contractor in Plant City, FL serving Plant City itself and the surrounding areas in Hillsborough County, including Hopewell Gardens, Knights, Winston, Lakeland, Seffner, Mango, Brandon, Riverview and Tampa itself.

When you've been in business as long as we have, you come to learn everything there is to know about applying only the very best techniques to ensure that the result you deliver is not only appropriate, but excellent, cost-effective and on-time. We take enormous pride in our work and we want to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with the service we deliver.

Our technicians have a wealth of experience in multiple backgrounds ranging from commercial painting and roofing to exterior finish applications like stucco and EIFS installation, in both commercial and residential fields. We are well-presented, punctual, courteous and committed to making sure our customers are satisfied and get exactly what they pay for. Boasting decades of combined experience, our techs will leave you thrilled you chose Plant City Stucco for your exterior finishing and stucco repair needs.

Our Services

Click on one of our services below to learn more, or see our Services for more details on how we can help make your project a reality. To discuss your project with one of our specialists, give Plant City Stucco a call today at (813) 590-7201 and we will be happy to help, and can schedule a FREE on-site quote at a time that suits you.

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Our stucco applications are renowned in the local area for offering the smoothest and most aesthetically pleasing finishes

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For increased insulation, our EIFS applications offer also excellent moisture protection and are very popular in commercial settings

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Wood & Board Siding

For a classic look that will stand the test of time, our wood and board siding applications are an excellent choice

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Brick & Stone Siding

For maximum durability and outstanding and lasting aesthetics, select from one of our brick and stone siding options

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What Our Customers Are Saying


Plant City Stucco did such a good job on our exterior. We had some signs of water damage and they came out to check it out, provided us with a reasonable estimate to fix which we accepted and they had it done within a week.

John, Plant City



Great working repairing my stucco! Happy with their service, that's why I'm looking forward to working with these guys again. We've used them for a few of our commercial projects and they have exceeded our expectations.

Mikel L.



I manage a commercial property and these guys did some repairs for me recently. Courteous and friendly, and got the job done quickly.

Jen Barber


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When Should I Call Plant City Stucco?

If you are a home or business owner, you're only too aware that those assets require near-constant maintenance. From lawn care and pool maintenance to pressure washing parking lots and paver sealing, your to-do list is never-ending and can cause significant levels of stress, not to mention placing a financial burden on your household or business.

In the harsh central Florida climate, building exteriors are subject to harsh climatic conditions with summer temperatures nearing 100°F, near-90% humidity and an average annual rainfall of 60". This is without even considering the threat of severe weather events such as lightning storms, hurricanes and even tornadoes, bringing forceful winds that can damage any nature of siding you may apply. As such, it can be challenging to find a stucco contractor or stucco service that can provide you with a hard-wearing, lasting exterior application that is also aesthetically pleasing.

What exactly is stucco?

Stucco is a material used in building mixtures for interior and exterior applications. Stucco materials are typically composed of Portland cement, sand, and water; lime can also be added to give stucco flexibility or resistance to moisture damage. The material is applied as a thin coat over wall surfaces like brick, cinder block, mud brick, wood, etc.

​Stucco has been around for more than 4500 years with its origins traced back to the Mesopotamians. It was introduced into Europe by way of the Moors during their occupation of Mediterranean countries. Stucco is still widely used today on both residential and commercial buildings where it provides protection against weather conditions including rain, hail, high winds pelting rain drops, and low temperatures. Stucco provides insulation, noise reduction, decreases dust penetration into buildings, and aids in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Today stucco is made with Portland cement but historically it was composed of lime mortar.

Stucco is typically applied during the construction process of residential homes, but can also be applied to existing structures as long as all surfaces are clean and free of any dirt or grime that would prevent adhesive contact between the material and surface of the wall. Once the walls are adequately prepped, standard stucco siding procedures are followed which consist of creating a horizontal base coat composed of coarse sand and a fiberglass mesh wire. The stucco material or scratch coat is then applied on top of the base coat and allowed to dry before being sanded smooth.

Benefits of stucco use

The benefits of stuccoing an exterior surface include providing protection from moisture, wear and tear, temperature changes, abrasion damage due to wind blown debris knocking against walls, and also providing insulation for minimizing noise pollution.​

Stucco can be used to cover any type of building wall materials like cinder block, poured concrete, construction grade lumber (2x4s), brick, stone or wood panels. It can also be sprayed onto surfaces in order to save time when it comes applying large quantities of stucco during new construction processes. No matter how you apply stucco, expect it to last for many years. The life of stucco can be extended by painting your exterior wall surface with an elastomeric paint.

Brick siding

Stucco use in history

Stucco has also been used to create beautiful works of art like trompe l'oeil (art that fools the eye)--for example, creating a 3-D version of Michelangelo's David. Stucco is widely used in many countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia. Its ability to provide insulation against harsh weather conditions makes stucco an attractive building product no matter which part of the world you live in. It is cheap to produce, easy to apply, versatile, durable, fire resistant and excellent for soundproofing. 

Does stucco have any disadvantages?

One of stucco's not-so-great points is that it can make your house hot during summer months as it absorbs heat throughout the day. However, there are now insulated stuccos that have special coatings which reduce radiant heat by 50%. Stucco can be applied in layers, with each layer having a different stucco color or texture to create various looks depending on the applied design. Stuccos can also be tinted for this purpose. Stucco colors and tints are longer lasting than paint, penetrating all the way through to the back of its surface, giving stucco a more durable coloring than painted siding. Stucco often comes in lighter colors, while the most popular looks are white, dark brown and gray.

Durability of stucco

Stucco is often preferred over other types of siding for durability reasons as it can withstand 120 mph winds without requiring additional support. It also offers excellent corrosion resistance, negating the need for it to be repainted. One reason stuccos are durable is because they are made out of sand, cement and lime - three things that are extremely tough when combined.

To learn more about what Plant City Stucco has to offer, or if you are searching for "stucco contractor near me", "stucco company near me", "stucco companies near me" or something similar, for additional information or for a free quote, contact us today! 

Commitment to quality and over-delivering

From new installations to repairs to existing structures, Plant City Stucco has the solution for you. As homeowners ourselves, we want to know that we are getting the best value for our money and we apply this principle to our work. Read on to learn more about the services we offer and the most popular materials we use.

With the thousands upon thousands of home service businesses available online, choosing a qualified contractor can be a daunting task. As a home or business owner, the service, the quality, and the value you receive depends entirely on your due diligence, with any mistake or oversight potentially having significant financial implications and causing a great deal of stress.

When it comes to exterior finishes, Plant City Stucco positions itself as a market leader in Central Florida. We have many years of combined experience in the field, and we are properly equipped to take on any nature of exterior finishing projects ranging from stucco installation to vinyl siding repair. We want you to feel confident that in us you are hiring the right contractor, with the know-how, the resources and the integrity to get the job done right the first time.

Vinyl siding


We are continuously renewing our equipment and our vehicle fleet for three key reasons:


To ensure we are continuously able to deliver the desired result for our customers using the best tools available


To ensure we are always able to mobilize effectively using vehicles that are properly maintained


To uphold the image of our business and to show the level of our reinvestment

Business reinvestment

Any contractor that takes their business seriously is willing to reinvest in itself. From equipment and vehicles to assets (both physical and digital) and personnel, Plant City Stucco reinvests a significant portion of all profits in order to continue to grow and to provide the very best service to our 

customers. We want to ensure each project is completely correctly the first time, both to satisfy the customer and to avoid call-backs.

Whatever your project may be - residential, commercial or industrial - reach out to us and we will be happy to provide you with an honest, accurate and FREE estimate.

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